aimed at supporting students facing repression
within the "Orange
Scholarships" program by
the Kingdom of the Netherlands

About the program

The Education Office for New Belarus, as a part of the Orange Scholarships Programme (the Netherlands) launches an open call offering scholarships to Belarusian students in need for financial support. The scholarship provides funds for emergency expenses.

The maximum micro-grant is EUR 500. The program will be closed when the funds are exhausted (EURO 50 000).

Eligible applicants

The application can be submitted by Belarusian students who were repressed after the events of 2020 or are under the threat of repressions and who have currently faced a difficult financial situation emerged no earlier than one month before the application date.

Applications are accepted from students currently staying in Belarus and those who were forced to leave the country.
What costs are covered by the program
costs associated with an emergency departure from Belarus
transportation costs, rent expenses, translation and notarization of documents, documented medical expenses (including medical insurance and PCR tests), and visa costs.
safe renting in Belarus
short-term rent, the first month of residence or deposit.
costs associated with studying outside of Belarus
transportation costs, rent expenses, translation and notarization of documents, visa costs.

As well as other emergency expenses, documented and incurred no earlier than one month before the application date.

What costs are not covered by the program
permanent health insurance or regular medical care
recreational expenditures
e.g. travel expenses
a partial coverage of expenses that exceed EUR 500
e.g. half the price of a laptop that costs EUR 1 000
The application must include

1) documented evidence of repressions

(detention protocols, court verdicts, expulsion order, etc.) – if available
2) a letter of recommendation from pro-democratic public organizations or civil society representatives

A letter of recommendation is required in those cases when political persecution cannot be documented, and if such documents are available – is recommended.
3) a certificate issued by the university (for students) or a confirmation of the documents submission (for those at the enrollment stage)
4) an expulsion order – for students who have been expelled from an educational institution within the current academic year and have not yet applied to another one
5) a description of the hard financial situation the applicant faces with a detailed indication of the costs the aid is requested for

6) copies of receipts or other financial documents
if, due to the urgency, the costs were covered from the applicant’s private funds

The organizers reserve the right, if necessary, to request additional information and contact the recommender.

If the application meets the above-mentioned criteria, the transfer will be received by the applicant within 2-4 weeks from the application date. In case of a justified emergency need, the application may be reviewed in a shorter period.

Applications are reviewed by an independent committee formed by the Education Office.

We process your personal data in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). Our priority is to protect your rights and legitimate interests. We pay special attention to ensuring the contestants’ confidentiality and security.