within the "Orange Scholarships" program by
the Kingdom of the Netherlands

About the program

The Education Office for New Belarus, as a part of the Orange Scholarships Program (the Netherlands) announces a call for research grants in social sciences and humanities, law, economics, media studies, and art with focus on Belarus.

The final result of the research should be presented in the form of a report or an article (no fewer than 28 000 characters) intended for academic publication.

The grant is EUR 2 500, and no more than 35 grants will be awarded in 2022.

Eligible applicants

Applications are accepted from the research group “supervisor – student/postgraduate student”*. This format involves a preliminary search for a scientific partner and the development of a research concept.

The target audience are undergraduate students in their 3rd or 4th year of studies, graduate and postgraduate students, professors and researchers with citizenship of the Republic of Belarus.

The replacement of research group members during the implementation of the research project is allowed in exceptional cases coordinated by the Office.

*The research group can include more than two people, but the total amount of the grant remains the same (EUR 2 500). In this case, the application must include a financial plan indicating the funds distribution among the group members.
By submitting the application, the research group participants accept the Education Office requirements regarding scientific research organization under its auspices:
  • be guided by the principles of non-discrimination (by gender, age, language and other characteristics), mutually respectful communication, respect for diversity and academic honesty
  • follow the previously approved research timeline;
  • ensure the actual participation of all the group members in research and result presentation at the final reporting event;
  • present the results of the study that have successfully passed the examination at the final reporting event of the Office held in February 2023.
The application must include

1) student’s and supervisor’s CVs

2) a list of publications

obligatory for the supervisor, for the student — if available
3) the timeline and concept of the research,

indicating the co-authors’ roles
4) a motivation letter

that contains the information about the fact of dismissal/expulsion for political reasons
Application evaluation criteria
Applications are evaluated by an independent review panel formed by the Education Office. Each application can score 100 points according to the main criteria and 45 points according to the additional ones.

The main selection criteria are:

the supervisor’s previous research experience
up to 15 points
the topicality of the subject in the context of the current situation in Belarus
up to 15 points
research methodology
object, subject-matter, goal, objectives, validity of the proposed research methods

up to 70 points

Additional points will be awarded to the research groups where at least one of the applicants:

was expelled or dismissed from Belarusian universities and research organizations for political reasons
up to 35 points
speaks foreign languages, which would enable the group to use foreign sources
subject to confirmation, for example, if there are publications in a foreign language, a certificate issued by language schools, etc.

up to 5 points
has publications in international cited publications
Scopus, Web of Science databases

up to 5 points

If necessary, the Office reserves the right to invite applicants for an online interview.

Project timeline
June 1, 2022
application deadline
June 14, 2022
participants are informed about the results of applications' evaluation
no later than 3 months after the approval of the application
the co-authors submit an interim report covering 50% of the planned research (for example, the data collected and processed in case of interviews or field research, at least 50% of the written text in case of theoretical research, etc). The interim report is submitted for review.
no later than November 15, 2022
deadline for submitting final research paper to the Office for review
January 22, 2023
the final research findings must be ready
February 2023
a final reporting event will be held to present the research findings.
Payment algorithm
EUR 1000
to students/postgraduate students
EUR 1500
to supervisors
first installment
(EUR 500 and EUR 750 accordingly) is paid after the interim report has been reviewed and approved by the Office
second installment
is paid after the presentation of the research findings at the final reporting event at the Office in February 2023.

We process your personal data in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). Our priority is to protect your rights and legitimate interests. We pay special attention to ensuring the contestants’ confidentiality and security.